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Google’s mobile search has learned a new trick which should aid in getting you in and out of some of your favourite – or not so favoured – stores as quickly as possible. As well as showing information about the store including opening times, Google Search is now showing a graph with how busy a store is during those times.


Google announced the new feature on Google+ using the example of ‘Blue Bottle Williamsburg’ as you can in their animated GIF, but after checking it seems that this will work at a number of businesses here in Australia. It’s hit and miss, with the data presumably being mined from something like Google Maps automatically sending your location information anonymously back to their home servers.

Stores here in Australia that worked with the data included a Starbucks and the Samsung Experience store, but a local David Jones had an issue showing any data at all – no matter which day we tried, even with the graph present.

The update is currently live in Google Search, so try it out and you may be able to avoid a wait next time you need to go to a store.

Source: +Google.
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    Well I reckon this is amazing and I gave them feedback letting them know how I feel. I’ve always wanted to know when the best time to go to Coles/WW, the servo, etc. I can clearly see the best time to get KFC which has hopeless wait times here. The best time to go to Coles. The rise and fall at McDonalds and Hungry Jacks. The patterns with breakfast, lunch and dinner on different days is really cool to see. The servo’s don’t seem to have any information but hopefully that comes. I wonder if this can actually change consumer… Read more »