Android VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam has today begun rolling out a new update which brings a feature that allows you to curate photos from other users into a collection.

The new feature is an update to their social photo sharing feature Grid, is called Collections. Collections allows you to curate your favorite photos from other users. Whilst Grid provides a place to share your images in a sort of minimalist format for all to see, the new Collections enables VSCO to pull in snapshots you like from other photographers to build a separate library.

To add photos to your new library either through scrolling in the Search or Explore functions of the app, all you will need to do is to simply double tap to save one before publishing it to your Collection.

You will have the option to review the images you have selected before saving into your Collections library, which will enable you to do those final last minute adjustments before saving them permanently in the Collections Library. Furthermore, if another user selects one of your photos for their Collection, you will receive a notification and you’ll have the option to remove it if you’d like.

The update is rolling out progressively to users, so you can check Google Play to see if you have the update or not.

Source: VSCO Journal (Blog).
Via: Engadget.