Nexus rumours all begin heating up at this end of the year. With a scant two and a half months left before we should hear something along the lines of an official announcement, there’s always a few rumours and ‘leaks’ along the way. Leaker ‘@onleaks’, better known as Steve Hemmerstoffer from has tweeted a ‘drawing’ of what he claims is the upcoming LG Nexus 5 2015.

The picture is fairly rudimentary but if real, shows the button placement – which have been moved to the side – with what we assume is a hole for a circular fingerprint sensor located just below a centre mounted camera. To the left of what’s assumed to be the camera position we see a fairly large square hole where a flash – and maybe some goodies like heart-rate sensor or laser auto-focus would fit nicely. At the base of the phone we see a smallish cut-out for a physical connection which should be USB-C based on talk from Google at I/O in May.

So far, the rumours for 2015 Nexus devices includes no plans for a tablet, but plans for two phones including a Huawei built Nexus (Angler) with a 5.7″ QHD resolution screen and a premium metal body with Snapdragon 820 SoC and a second LG built Nexus phone (Bullhead), which is rumoured to be smaller, more ‘Nexus 5 like’ at 5.2″ in size, but beyond that we have no further information.

For the past three years, we’ve seen a mid-October announcement of the Nexus devices, before they hit the market in November. We’re sure to see some more information or leaks on both devices if they’re real in the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

Source: @onleaks.
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Not a fan of power and volume buttons on the same side if that’s what the left two bumps are.


If that bottom hole is a cutout for a finger print sensor I’m not looking forward to regularly putting a greasy finger tip on the camera lens by mistake.

Joshua Hill

Is it just me or is there no picture? I can see it on twitter but not in this article?


Picture working for me in Chrome on Windows 7

Joshua Hill

Cheers. I’m running Chrome on Win 7 64 bit too. Still can’t see it but it’s no biggy. Must be something on my end.


Hmm, two thoughts:

1) Both those cut outs are the same size – so how about two cameras of a Tango(ish) solution? Seems weird as a fingerprint sensor – and wasn’t there some patent that stopped Motorola doing that?

2) There is a strange cutout bottom left. Assuming bottom middle is a usb3-c connector – what’s left? It’s not big enough for a SIM.


I was wondering the same thing re the 2nd cut out. that said, rumour, grain of salt.

Dan Rayner

I had the same thought about dual cameras. The made me think about the LG G4 with buttons on the back, if thats a case for the phone, then you would have cut outs for the buttons the whole section would be cutout.


Ummmm … 3.5mm headphone jack?


I assume that’s at the top, like before.

I wonder if it might be where the microphone is, if the front it taken up by stereo speakers (as it appears it might).

Just hope they don’t bother with a fingerprint sensor, which is about as secure as a wet blancmange.

Dan Rayner

I’m really not a fan of buttons on the back, fingers crossed its not. Wonder if they are going down the route of the M8 with dual cameras or even project tango


Have you had a phone with them? I thought the same thing until I had one. They’re great for adjusting the volume during a call. With double tap to wake and sleep, I don’t use the power button at all.

Dan Rayner

No I haven’t owned one. Leaving the norm just messes with my ocd 😛


I felt the same way going from having the volume rockers on the left and then having them move to the right on my Z2. I then sold that and moved to the G3. Perhaps volume rockers should be on the back and the power button on the right!

Damon Lewis

Google should team up with NVIDIA. I would love a NEXUS Shield (It’s pretty close anyway)