The recent leak of the outline of what is claimed to be the LG Nexus certainly garnered a lot of discussion. This evening a piece of corroborating ‘evidence’ has surfaced which shows the same design, re-igniting the discussion of exactly what we’ll see from an LG Nexus phone.

The new evidence comes in the form of cases for the rumoured phone, though we’ve heard previously that case manufacturers simply create cases based on internet renders, so this could still just be a case of the internet leading itself. The cases, shown in a frosted clear and black show the same features as the outline seen previously with dual circle cutouts in the middle and a more square section sitting off-centre.

In terms of what the holes are, the discussions are wide open. Dual-camera setup (similar to a tango style phone) or perhaps just a camera with a fingerprint sensor above it. But how about the square section? There is a picture of a Nexus 5 floating around, which shows a square fingerprint sensor hacked onto the back of a Nexus 5 – there could be merit in that.

Nexus 5 with a fingerprint scanner

A fingerprint sensor is somewhat of a required spec for any upcoming Nexus phone, with Google announcing that Android M will include support for them. Fingerprint security will also be conceivably be tied into the other big announcement from Google about Android M: Android Pay. Nexus devices are all about showcasing the latest features in the latest build of Android, so a fingerprint sensor is definitely going to be onboard.

There is still a mystery surrounding the holes in the case at top and bottom. One will obviously be the headphone jack, but what is that other port? Perhaps Google will finally offer an IR Blaster on a Nexus phone?

The rumours about an LG Nexus marry up with other rumours which have the phone being worked on under the code name ‘Bullhead’ while a larger more premium metal bodied Huawei built Nexus code named Angler is being built to help ease Google into the potentially lucrative Chinese market, and Huawei more into the western markets that they are trying to access in the US and Europe.

We’re still some months away from finding out what we have in-store with regards to Nexus phones. The current rumour is for two Nexus phones with no Tablet. We’ll look forward to waking up mid-October to an announcement from Google and then it will be the mad rush to source Google’s latest and greatest.

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Very very ugly. Plastic again.


Interesting design. To be honest I’m not too keen on those three buttons on the side, which at first glance would indicate power, vol up and vol down buttons. However what if the back bottom circle was the power button/fingerprint scanner combo, then the three buttons on the side are vol up, vol down and a physical mute switch, kind of how the iPhone had? That could work?

Might be stretching it a bit. Just kinda hoping the side the buttons really aren’t power/vol up/vol down…


Only trouble with that is there would be no way of waking the phone when it is flat on a surface unless “knock” is enabled – but that defeats the purpose of the fingerprint scanner.


Damnit, you’re right.

Ah well, looks like we might have to get used to the 3 side button set up.


I prefer software buttons over physical but if the cost of a fingerprint sensor is jamming a weird square cut-out on the back… I’d rather do without.