Turing Phone Cardinal

In an email to all their subscribers, Turing Phone stated that their entire range, of upcoming phones will be all be “world phones” meaning the will support every carrier “anywhere in the world”.

Though details are still not available on their website, they’re claiming that the phone “work(s) for every band”. Those being: GSM, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA EVDO, TDD LTE, FDD LTE.

Turing Phones are a new concept design which set the internet ablaze with curiosity for the last couple of weeks promising a phone made of ‘liquidmorphium’ or liquid metal, an amorphous alloy of zirconium, copper, aluminum, nickel and silver which they claim to be stronger than steel and titanium.

At launch, which is expected in ‘Summer 2015’ the phone will come in three models, called The Beowulf, Cardinal and Pharaoh. The phone will come in three sizes; 16GB (US$610), 64GB (US$740) and 128GB (US$870). The three models will also be joined by a higher priced “Black Dragon” model that will only come in 128gb and will cost US$999.

The liquidmorphium case isn’t the Turing Phone’s only trick, with the company promising extreme levels of encryption on the phone, worthy of the Turing namesake. Turing Robotic Industries (TRI), has big claims on that front, but requires both devices use Turing devices to complete a virtual circle of trust. Using their own algorithim, each Turing phone can identify another Turing phone without the need for a third-party Key Centre. Once users authenticate with their Turing phones, they can exchange data in complete confidence.

There is only one day left before US and Canadian residents can reserve their Turing Phone direct from the companies website. International customers who regsister on the turingphone website will be notified when the phone rolls out in their region. No news on a timeframe for an Australian rollout just yet.Turing Phone countdown One Day

World support for a phone has been a big goal for most smartphone manufacturers who generally regionalise their phones with different variants with different radio support for each – generally a US and European edition at least. TRI have still not updated their website with the bands that will be supported so we can check their claim of “work(s) for every band”, so we will have to wait a while longer.

Do you think liquidmorphium should be in your next phone? Are you excited about this phone or is it just expensive and unnecessary? It’s still cheaper than an iPhone… (may we never speak that name on here again). I need a deal breaker here or I may just get on the bandwagon, I’m actually pretty excited.

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    Well, for a company that claim to be making a fabulous new phone, their website sucks for mobile devices.