Yatango Mobile, a Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO) working off of the Optus Mobile Network, have taken big steps into the market since they first joined the fray. Making efforts to show the big 3 that it is in fact possible to give users lots of data, unlimited calls & sms without breaking the bank and they’ve done it again today increasing the data allowance on their Unlimited Plans while still managing to drop their prices as low as $29.95 per month which includes 1.5GB of data.

Yatango unlimited Prices

Its a very attractive price range for unlimited plans, with very nice data allowances and compares very favourably to the premier offerings of Vodafone, Optus and Telstra. Great news for heavy users who don’t want to spend the earth on their monthly mobile use. Make sure that you check the Optus coverage maps for your area if you’re considering moving over to Yatango Mobile.

What are your experiences with MNVOs like? Share them with the Ausdroid Community

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They’re $29.90 plan is still more than $10 more than a basically identical offering from Vaya. So, yawn.


$23.90 per month with no included data?!



Daniel Vancer

“What are your experiences with MNVOs like?” My experiences are that they are fine just a little limited in customer support, but as long as you’re savvy enough to use support via email and seek other help in forums etc then they are fine. Really just depends on where you are and what you use as to which MNVO will suit. For me anyone on the Optus network is a no go because I get terrible data speeds where I work with Optus which makes 8 hours a day unbearable. Whereas others say vodafone is terrible yet I get full… Read more »

Brett Jack Flintoff

My experiences are similar. I had a little bit of trouble getting on board with Jeenee Mobile (from Amaysim). But after that initial stress, it’s been smooth sailing ever since. $35 for 3GB a month – Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Jeenee to Jeeenee Calls, and $650 of National Calls. Unsure what their current rates are. It pays to look around though. As an aside, so happy I stopped with the 24 month contracts and went month to month no lock in.