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Google has launched Android One in another country, launching the i-mobile IQ II in Thailand where it will be available for 4,444 Thai Baht (around AUD$172).

The phone is a Qualcomm based handset, which comes with 4G compatibility and a large 5″ HD (720P) screen. The phone is a Qualcomm based handset, with an MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 processor running the show, with 1GB of RAM backing it up and 16GB of on-board storage though the phone includes a microSD card slot as well.

Telefony wise, the phone supports 3G on 850/2100 MHz bands as well as 4G LTE on the 2100/1800 MHz bands, making it compatible with the Band 3 LTE found almost Australia wide on the three ‘big’ networks. The IQ II is also dual-SIM compatible, so you can do work and pleasure on the one device.

The IQ II includes the latest version of Android (5.1.1) and allows for an update to the latest version as soon as it’s released, though Google does clarify that this is ‘subject to i-mobile’s schedule’.

The phone is available in Black or White from i-mobile shops, online and retail stores across Thailand. If you’re heading to Thailand and want to bring us one back, get in contact with us.

Source: Google Thailandi-mobile.