Android Be Together Not The Same
Google is on a gold mine with their ‘Be Together, Not the Same’ animations, they’re cute and appealing to a broad range of consumers and they’ve been getting the Android name out there. But now it’s time to put those Android guys and gals to work, with Google releasing a series of Android Tips and Tricks videos showing off both Google features, and how to use them on your Android phone.

The videos cover a broad range of topics, from using Widgets and Voice Commands through to using services like Photo Backup and Google’s music locker through Google Play Music. The videos appear to be visual only, with no audio – including no soundtrack. There’s currently 16 videos up on the Google Australia YouTube channel for you to go through, so start watching:
Screen Pinning
Photo Sphere
Any device, anytime
Voice Commands
Priority Calls
Discover Music
Music Locker
Info Cards
Guest Mode
Find your phone
Battery Saver
Auto Block
Photos Auto Backup

Source: Google Australia YouTube.
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    The videos don’t have audio, unless I’m doing something wrong?