Zimperium Inc, the company behind the detection and announcement of the Stagefright Security vulnerability last week, has released an update to their Stagefright detector app.

It seems a lot of people have been having issues with the Stagefright detector app released last night by Zimperium Inc. A number of users were reporting that despite having patched their devices, the detector app was showing as vulnerable. The app has been updated now removing unused permissions, as well as resolving the inaccurate detection of CVE-2015-3826 which seemed to be causing the false positive. They have also updated the app to show which of the vulnerable CVEs are present, highlighting vulnerable CVEs in red and patched or not affected ones in green.

The app is a good way to check if a patch has worked, but unless you have had some sort of patch applied to your device in the last week or two to directly address Stagefright, it’s almost certain you’re vulnerable. Luckily, vendors have patches in testing with carriers now, and should hopefully reach your device ASAP.

Stagefright Detector
Stagefright Detector
Developer: Zimperium INC.
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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    Haha oh this app… So last night this app was telling me my nexus m2 device was vulnerable, now its telling me its not! Yay!