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Well known Android developer of third party Twitter Client Falcon Pro, as well as Flyne and Hacked App – has joined Twitter.

Announcing the move on Twitter, Joaquim has advised he has grown tired of working within the limitations of the API available to third party Twitter client developers and wants to ‘make a killer official app with full API and a modern UI’. Regarding the future development of Falcon Pro, Joaquim says ‘Falcon stays with me. IMO It’ll be a great place to try new experiments without the slowness of a big company’.

Joaquim appears to be starting his new job on the 17th of August, so hopefully we can see a few new features like maybe Scroll Position sync on a new version of the Twitter Android app soon.

Source: @joenrv.
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    I guess his ran out of ‘customers’…… anyone remember the falcon pro issues with tokens?