With no second gen version of the Chromecast inbound, Google has announced some more apps and games with Chromecast compatibility.

Right of the bat, Google announced that HBO Now will offer Chromecast streaming, but for that to work you will have to jump through some SmartDNS or VPN based hoops to get access to the source of excellent shows like Game of Thrones and Ballers. Food Network and Travel Channel too have added ‘cast’ ability to their apps, so you can watch all their travel and culinary based shows on the big screen.

Pokemon fans can now cast their favourite episodes from the hit TV show from their Android device, with Pokemon TV now supporting Chromecast as well.

Games also get a look in, with three games now adding Chromecast to their list of tricks.

  • FitFlap, by BreakFirst, uses the front-facing camera on the phone to capture players flapping their arms. The harder you flap, the higher pigs on the screen fly to collect coins while dodging obstacles.
  • Catch Phrase Blitz, the classic Hasbro guessing game, is now casting and is sure to bring excitement to your next party.
  • Tricky Titans by MediaMonks. These giant Titans are standing on top of villages and using large shovels to scoop up houses and throw them at each other.

Photographers can now also crop, rotate, and fine-tune any picture on their Chromecast enabled TV with the Pixlr Express app now supporting Google’s Cast function.

If you haven’t grabbed a Chromecast yet, there’s so many reasons to get one of these great dongles, or if you thing gaming is great, maybe look into a Nexus Player and a controller.

Source: Chrome Blog.
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Just CROMEcast your screen (think supported by KitKat and above?). And Bob’s your uncle. You should basically be able to cast any content isn’t it?
Why do developers need to spend all this time and money trying to build in cast functionality into apps?
Or am I missing something here and making it sound easier than it is?