Popular media playback service Plex, has received an update to version 4.8, adding in 4K playback for users who have the service hooked up to 4K resolution TVs.

The update doesn’t just include 4K support, addition adds AC3 pass through which means that videos using the AC3 audio codec will now have a raw (ie. un-altered, more importantly uncompressed) audio stream passed through to the television or amplifier in your home entertainment system. If you’re using a television speaker, that probably won’t mean much but if you’re using a home entertainment speaker system get ready for your world to rock and roll as the quality will be worlds apart from what you’ve previously experienced through Plex.

For those of you who don’t have an Android TV or a 4K TV hooked up at home, the addition of MKV playback may be of more interest to you. Its safe to say that anyone who legally acquires digital media, MKV is probably the highest quality you’ll get and the most widely used. For Android users you’ll need to enable the ‘Experimental Player’ but for Android TV users you’re good to go.

As a heavy Plex user it’s a pleasure to see the constant work from their development team to improve the user experience.

Plex: Stream Movies & TV
Plex: Stream Movies & TV
Developer: Plex, Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Plex.
Via: Android Police.
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I already thought Plex did AC3 passthru? But yay to 4k. Just need a TV to support 4K and the content!


AC3 is already compressed… :-/

Dan Rayner

I was originally a bit hesitant of the lifetime subscription, but the ongoing push to improve is great to see