Updates from manufacturers for the Stagefright security vulnerability are beginning to appear, first from Google and now from other manufacturers. Chinese vendor Oppo has already issued a patch via Over-The-Air (OTA) update for the R7, and has advised that more of their phones will be updated shortly.

Oppo has released the following statement in response to requests for information on updates for Stagefright on their phones:

The OPPO team are working hard to resolve these Stagefright issues. An OTA update has already been released for R7 devices and updates across all other models will be issued very shortly.

All models of Oppo phone so far released in Australia will receive an update to resolve the Stagefright vulnerability. The complete list of phones includes the R5, N3, N1 Mini, Find 7/7a and Neo 5.

The Oppo R7, which was only released late last month was previously crashing when trying to run the Stagefright detector app which was released by security company Zimperium. After the OTA update has been applied however, the app has now begun running and is reporting the fix is working.

The updates for the rest of the devices are coming soon, with updates almost ready to go on a number of handsets and final testing underway. We’ll report as we hear about more updates going out, or let us know if you see an update on your Oppo phone.