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Steve Hemmerstoffer from NowhereElse.fr through his Twitter leak account: OnLeaks has posted to Twitter a list of rumoured specs for the much anticipated 2015 LG Nexus and Huawei’s first Nexus device. This is the second such leak in the past few weeks. Being an unconfirmed rumoured the obligatory grains of salt should be on hand.

According to the leak the 2015 LG Nexus will have:

  • 5.2″ Screen
  • ‘Likely’ Metal Body,
  • Front Facing Speakers
  • Fingerprint Sensor on the Back
  • USB Type-C
  • Roughly 146.9×72.9×8/9.8mm

There has defiantly been a core group of Nexus enthusiast calling for a return to the size of the LG Nexus 5, compared to the Mammoth Nexus 6 so a device with these specs would certainly appeal to some.

The Huawei Nexus is rumoured to have:

  • ‘Likely’ 5.7″ Screen
  • Metal Body
  • Front Facing Speakers
  • Fingerprint Sensor on the Back
  • USB Type-C
  • Roughly 159.4×78.3×6.6/8.5mm

If the larger Nexus is more your style then perhaps this could be the device for you.

Google has never released two Nexus handsets in tandem before, however, the frequency and similarity of these leaks do lead us to wonder if the mounting rumours could be true. If Google keep to their regular schedule we will have to wait until October to hear if these leaks are on the mark.

How do these specs measure up to your Nexus dreams? Are you excited for the LG or Huawei device?


Source: OnLeaksOnLeaks.
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Phill Edwards

Interested in the LG 5.2″. The other one would be too big, unless you carry a handbag.


Bar a poor battery the Nexus 5 will be mine. #hurryupalready


I find it a little strange that this leak doesn’t mention the internal specs or know whether or not it has a metal body. If preview units are floating around, wouldn’t these things be known by now if it’s to be announced in October?

5.2″ is a nice size for most people, so I’m happy for the people that want a decent sized phone. The custom ROM options for a Nexus are fantastic. I’ve found that my G3 is the perfect size for me, and I don’t think I could go smaller.


If this is correct I will ‘Likely’ be getting the Nexus 5 to replace my… Nexus 5


And me. The 5.2″ LG version for sure. I just hope they trickle down some of the camera magic from the G4…


My wife is looking for a phablet so the 5.7 is winning. As both of these have the USB-C connector wonder if it will be USB 2 or 3 interface??


Hopefully USB 3.1


5.2 is still too big in dimensions. And 9.8mm deep is ridic. The much larger Huawei is significantly thinner!


Indeed, 147mm long is about 10mm too much. The real N5 was about the maximum. It needs to fit in a pocket Google!

1cm deep might be OK if most of it were battery. Dump the fingerprint sensor. Wireless charging is non-negotiable.


I’d agree that wireless charging is important, it’ll probably have it since it’s a Nexus


My nexus 6 fits in all my pockets with room to spare

Caleb Johns



Easier for larger devices to be thinner and still fit all the hardware inside, also thicker probably means bigger battery


so what’s different besides the size?


previous rumors listed other differences, eg processors, all metal construction on the 5.7.

take a look


David Spencer-Cotton

5.2 too small … 5.7 too big 🙁 just buy both 🙂 #winning


My body is ready (for the next Nexus 5).