Nexus 5 2015
This years lead up to the release of a new Nexus phone has seen the fairly strong rumour appear that Google was working with two vendors for a dual Nexus phone release, with Huawei and LG both building devices. The Huawei Nexus is alleged to be a larger 5.7″ device, while the LG is a smaller 5.2″ phone. Tonight we’re seeing renders created by uSwitch in partnership with Steve Hemmerstoffer of @onleaks fame and based on measurements provided to case manufacturers.

The renders match up with details released by Steve earlier in the week which spoke about front-facing speakers on the phone and a rear mounted fingerprint sensor. The rear also has that slightly protruding camera lens arrangement that the Nexus 5 is famous for.

A view of the base of the phone shows a USB-C connector, which lines up with Google’s stance on pushing the new USB standard forward.

The render is still ‘based on detailed factory schematics provided to accessory-makers’ so it’s possible that some of the details are still not correct. There’s a lot of fan made LG Nexus 2015 renders floating around out there, including one member on reddit who released a gallery including a comparison to the original Nexus 5 and the Nexus 6:

Steve does have a fairly good track record, which was again given more credibility after the overnight announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 which he supplied a number of leaks for.

It comes down to pure fancy at this stage, until the new range of Nexus phones is announced most likely in October.

Source: uSwitch.
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David Anderton

It’s going to have to be pretty good to top the moto x


The comparison image with the Nexus’s shows that the original Nexus 5 is still a good looking phone, with just the right amount of screen to bezel proportions. The render of the new Nexus 5 next to the 2013 N5 suggests how bezel heavy the 2015 N5 may be.

Shwetha kodumuru

Anything more that 5” is a no ?


Type lumia 640 into google search… Looks almost identical.

Jamie S

Looks awesome, hope it’s real


Nexus 5 is suitably sleek but seems slightly too big in the side-by-side
what’s with power buttons being on the same side as the volume buttons?