Nat and Lo

Googlers Nat and Lo are using their 20% time to go around Google to talk to people about various projects inside the company. Primarily out of their own personal curiosity, because Google is such a huge company that no one person could possibly hope to be across; let alone know everything that is going on. Previous episodes have gone into detail about Google Street View, How Google(x) Projects get started and How Google Translate makes signs instantly readable. This time around they explore What’s actually inside your phone?

For some uses this may be really enlightening to see a Nexus 5 stripped down to its core components with some basic explanation of their functions, for others it may be a boost to some basic information you already know. Either way it’s worth the 6 minutes to sit down with a coffee and enjoy Episode 4 of Nat and Lo’s 20% Project.

What project would you like to see Nat and Lo cover from inside Google Next?

Source: Nat and Lo's YouTube Channel.