Note 5 - S6 Edge+

With the actual announcements of Samsung’s latest phones out of the way, the nitty gritty of availability is now the major question. Samsung Australia has already confirmed that they will be launching both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ in Australia so it’s time to confirm where you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

Samsung has had a good relationship with all our major carriers here in Australia with all three of the major carriers carrying the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge earlier this year. Now with the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ it’s time to check around and find out which of the carriers and retailers will be stocking the phone. We’ve contacted all the carriers and we’ll be looking over retail and online vendors and keeping this as up to date as possible as more information comes to hand, so keep checking back. So who will be stocking it?



We’ve had confirmation first up this morning that Optus will be carrying both the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ when they arrive on our shores. No information about price or plans has been made available, but we expect that closer to the launch date.


Vodafone also confirms that they’ll carry both the handsets, although again there’s no information about pre-orders, plans or pricing available yet.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has a tradition of ranging all the latest and greatest Samsung mobiles and have confirmed that they too will be offering both the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. We’ll find out more information about pricing and plans when Samsung launch the phones locally.


Telstra has advised that they will be carrying both the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5. Telstra has proudly announced the details on their blog advising that they, as well as a Netgear personal hotspot, will be the first Cat 9 LTE devices to be offered on the Telstra Network. Telstra has advised customers looking to be advised of launches of upcoming phones to register their details on the Telstra/Samsung mailing list.

Australian Launch

We’ve just been advised that an Australian launch event is on for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ in Sydney next week. We hope to bring you more information on when you’ll be able to get your hands on both handsets and how much that will cost on Tuesday the 18th of August. Hold tight.


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Ah Lan Zee

I could almost talk myself into uploading files onto a cloud service to make do with 32Gb, but not offering the Note 5 in gold just makes it an ever weaker proposition. I might actually get the Note 4 and wait till the Note 6.

Stephen Crisafulli

Other than the stylus Spen in what way is this phone better than the LG G4. Specs are the same. LG has all the things they removed from the note


Bigger and faster Ram, faster processor, UFS 2.0 (Only ones using it atm) storage which is supposedly very fast and is why they dropped the SD card because it would just slow the phone down otherwise, well according to them anyways, fast charging and wireless charging, Samsung Pay with fingerprint, Amoled screen vs LCD, Cat.9 support (future proof for 5G). Either way, you wouldnt be disappointed with either phone imo, the Note 5 is just a little more “futureproofed”.


Looks like the note series is no longer for power users


So No bigger battery? Oh its fail release mark 2


Since lollipoplollipop my note 4 lasts about half a day (use to manage 3/4 a day) So this is disappointing


The newer hardware in it, storage, screen etc supposedly uses a lot less power which in turn they were able to supply a smaller battery. We will see though.


I see here in Kiwi land that the Note 5 is priced at $1299 for the 32gig version. A bit too expensive I think..

Tony Soprano

Christ, we complain about prices in Australia. You guys get absolutely ripped off.

Jack Colston

They have a different currency, things are only higher prices there because their money is a different value to ours

Jesse Kinross-Smith

There’s rumours there is going to be a 128GB version. And considering there is a 128GB version of the S6 I’d be very surprised if these new flagships don’t come with a 128GB version. It might not be available at launch though.


Samsung had a habit of releasing various storage sized but only the entry level one is available with carriers/stores even in the US

Philip Donkin

I was a bit hazy at 3am this morning, but did I read correctly that the Note 5 will not be sold in Europe “for marketing reasons”?


NOT a misread

Alex Gerontzos

If it only had a USB type c charger.. But then again I get why they did not go with this 1. Samsung’s already great fast charging features now both in wireless and corded versions 2. It may freak out the general consumer as of now that the only mainstream device has a different port, put aside nexus OPT devices as they are more of a niche developer enthusiasts device. Come 2016 I think the common trend with all manufactures would be USB type c, thoughts? Note 5 still a good looker I’m not fazed by the lack of 128gb… Read more »


I’m keen on usb type c, just for the convenience of plugging it in easily. I plug my gadgets in at night in the dark. It’s a fiddly affair.

Alex Gerontzos

Of Geoff that I do not disagree with you that’s why I’m disappointed that it does not come with type c. Point I was getting at that I would say come 2016 we would think that it would be the year of the change over to type c connection for mainstream devices from Samsung Htc Sony lg etc.


I think it’s possible for 2016. It will take some bravery. People don’t like change etc. I reckon if they bundled 2 cables with phones it would help.

Jesse Kinross-Smith

You really should be taking advantage of the wireless charging – it’s perfect for the nightly bedside charge and I’ve been doing that with my phones for a while now. No scrabbling in the dark – there’s a little dull red light on my charger and when it’s charging it goes green – it’s like a landing pad for my phone to zero in on.


You’re probably right, assuming wireless chargers have improved. My experiences with them were awful. My phone would overheat and the pads would have a small target area that would be difficult to find. It was easier (and cheaper) just to plug in.

I imagine they are better now. Maybe I’ll give one a go if I could be bothered shelling out the $$ for one.


$20 from Kogan, and the landing area is quite large for my Nexus 5. Flashy lights though, a bit of black tape sorts that out.


You could get yourself a $5 desk dock to alleviate your connecting pains.


Never understood why they went backwards with the Note 4, the Note 3 had USB 3 which made backing up your phone to your PC super fast compared to USB 2. USB type C would have been great.


I think I read the Note 5 is going to be priced about the same as the Note 4? Think I’ll just see if I can get me a Moto X Style if that’s the case.


of course it’ll be priced similarly to the note4…

Mike G

Thanks but when?