OnePlus 2
The recently announced OnePlus 2 is a divisive handset with some people mad for it, while others are busy decrying the perceived lack of features. While it may not tick every box, it’s still a pretty decent handset and Yatango has just opened up pre-orders for the phone.

Yatango don’t currently have an ETA on the phone – this is a pre-order only at the moment – but you can get on the list for $669.95 if you’re a Yatango member (becoming a member is free), or $774.95 if you don’t want to, with tracked shipping options available from $19.95. The price is fairly good, considering you will get warranty in Australia and the price including shipping is just a little more than what you’ll pay to ship the same phone in from Oppomart.

The phone on offer is the 64GB LTE model which appears to be the European model, based on the LTE Band support being listed on the Yatango website. Bands listed include: 4G LTE: 700, 850, 1800, 2600, but before you get too excited the 700MHz band is not the Band 28 currently being offered in Australia by Optus and Telstra. But, still, the phone will work on the 1800MHz LTE network available across the majority of Australia – as well as the 850MHz Vodafone LTE network.

If you’re mad keen on the OnePlus 2, then it would be a good idea to head over to the Yatango Shopping website and check it out, their online chat staff are ready to answer your questions – except the one which tells you when it’s due – right now.

Source: Yatango.
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Oro Blu

I buy two time from oppomart first time
they sent me a new phone, second time a used phone, I sent back and they stole
me 400 euro on refound.

Do not trust Oppomart.


Great story bro….. This is about yatango though.


$670 is a good price? 😛 Won’t it be $150 or so cheaper if purchased directly from OP?

James Bryant

Have you tried to call with oneplus customer support? The warranty from the seller is what is worth it. Although in all honesty the moto X lineup is looking to be way better anyways.


Yeah, fair point. I agree about the new Motorola range. The Moto X Play looks great.

Another question for someone. Is it true that there’ll be no AOSP ROMs for the new Samsung models?

James Bryant

Anything with an Exynos SOC is highly unlikely to get much love from the development community. Samsung don’t play nice with drivers etc


OP doesn’t ship directly to Aus, so you have to ship to it USA reshipper like Shipito/comgateway and then ship it to Australia.

Plus you need a invite to buy direct from OP

So $150 isn’t a massive extra fee to remove both of these issues