Game on

Google Play has released a Teaser trailer for “Game ON” a mobile gaming competition where popular YouTube Creators will battle it out head to head for, as Google puts it, “The ultimate bragging rights”. The teaser is for what appears to be an upcoming series of “Google Play: Game On” episodes from VidCon. The new “series” is due to start airing on august 19 2015. You can subscribe here.

The following YouTube creators are billed to appear in the knockout- competition.

  • GloZell
  • CrazyRussianHacker
  • OMGitsfirefoxx
  • FireRockerzstudios
  • Brodie Smith
  • Brandon Bowen
  • Amymarie Gaertner
  • runJDrun:

With YouTube Gaming – YouTube’s upcoming competitor to popular game stream services such has Twitch-  expected for a wider release it is possible that this might be tied into the impending launch of that service. However, this was released by the Google Play team so it may just be a promotion for the gaming section of the app store.

Are you excited to watch the stars of YouTube battle it out for online Android gaming glory?

Source: YouTube.