The Google Photos team have announced an incremental update to the Photos service on the web.

We’re always listening to your feedback and we’re are happy to announce a few often requested updates for the web.
– Change the timestamp of your photos
– Reorder your photos in an album

The updated functionality only pertains to the web interface for now, but we could see these features in an update to the mobile app at any time.

The first improvement is a much-requested feature since the new Photos service went live following Google I/O 2015, changing the timestamp on uploaded images. If you’ve taken the plunge and uploaded your images to the service you may have noticed that any photo which does not have an embedded timestamp in the original file gets stamped with the date and time that you uploaded them. This new feature lets you edit this portion of the embed data.

The second update is a feature that has long been requested, even before the new service launched, rearranging photos in an album. I can attest to the frustration of trying to get Google Photos to display my albums in the order I intended.

Now reordering those images is just a click and drag away.

These changes are the tip of the iceberg as far as feature requests go for the new Google Photos, but they do suggest that Google is, unsurprisingly, working on feature roll-outs to the seemly popular service.

Have you taken the Google Photos upload challenge? Let us know what features you’re hoping Google brings to the service next.

Source: Googlle+.
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Great to see these updates but when are we going to get Chromecast support