Oppo’s launch of the R7 handset with Optus is a pretty big deal for the manufacturer, marking their first Australian carrier partnership since they launched in September last year. The Oppo R7 is available from Optus stores and online and their first TV commercial is about to hit the airwaves.

The Oppo R7 isn’t going to compete with the top flight phones out there and they’re not even trying to, instead it’s a mid-range device available on the $40 MyPlan Plus option at Optus and it’s banking on its good looks and a few neat tricks to move some units. The Oppo R7 is a sleek and extremely thin device which has shelf appeal when you check it out in an Optus store, it’s when you get down to the nitty gritty of the options such as VOOC quick charging it gets interesting. The commercial highlights the flash charging which will give you 2 hours of talk time with a single 5 minutes on charge and a camera that focuses in 0.1 seconds

For a middle of the road phone, the R7 seems as though it is capable of knocking it out of the park if you’re prepared to sacrifice a few capabilities & features of higher end phones.

What would you sacrifice from your current phone to get a really capable device, at a reasonable price?

Source: Oppo Aus YouTube.