US based design and manufacturing company Fossil were given the opportunity to show off their upcoming wearable range at Intel’s annual Developer Forum, which is currently under way in San Francisco. Among the three ‘connected’ devices shown off were a bracelet and two smart watches, one of which was Fossil’s anticipated Android Wear device.

No specifications or details about the devices were provided outside of the fact that it will be powered by an as yet unnamed Intel processor, and obviously one of them will run Android Wear.

From the images all that we know is that it appears the watch will have a “flat tyre” on the bottom of the display, ala the Moto 360. The device looks like a mix between the Moto 360 and an Lg Watch Urbane, with a shiny metallic frame and crown on the side, though unlike this generation Moto 360, lugs are attached for the watch band. The images also showed a range of leather and metal bands that may or may not be available as options for the watch when released.

As the device is running Android Wear we can expect that the software will be fairly standard from an OS perspective. We will have to wait for Fossil to formally announce the device and in which markets the watch will be released.

Are you expected for another “watch” maker to be entering the Android Wear space?

Source: Engadget.