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It’s getting to be quite exciting to find what App and Game are coming up in the Deal of the Week each week, and this morning is no different, with two great titles aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks from Tapir Apps GmbH and skateboarding game True Skate from True Axis dropped to just $0.20 each.

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks
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For the productive among you, choosing which calendar app you use is a big one. If you haven’t tried aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks then you should definitely check this out.

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks offers a massive spec list of features in their pro version, with a scalable and scrollable agenda widget, Google Tasks integration and more. The app also includes S Pen integration for Galaxy Note users and Stylus support for every one else. The list of features is too long to mention here, but the list is heavily stacked.

The app is normally priced at US$5.50 so this is a massive discount which you should take advantage of.

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks
aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks

True Skate
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True Skate is a virtual take on the fingerboarding craze, which sees you take a mini-skateboard and perform various tricks with your fingers. True Skate puts those skills to good use in a virtual sense within a full-sized virtual skate park, which will have you dropping into the bowl or doing an ollie as you free skate around the park.

The game does only include a single skate park and you have to purchase additional parks through IAP.

True Skate is normally priced at US$2.55, so the game is a bargain at $0.20, so grab it while it’s available.

True Skate
True Skate
Developer: True Axis
Price: $1.99

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