At their media briefing this morning, Vodafone has today announced plans to expand their $5 per day International Roaming plan to four more countries, making the option available in more than 50 Global destinations.

The plan will now be offered to Vodafone customers on qualified RED plans travelling to India, South Africa, Malaysia and Fiji – all prime destinations for Australian travellers.

Vodafone began offering the $5 per day International Global Roaming option which lets you take your plan with you to selected countries, and simply pay $5 per day to access all the normal inclusions in your Vodafone plan. With the addition of these key markets, Vodafone now covers the top 10 short term destinations travelled to by Australians in the last year according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Vodafone is also announcing changes to plan inclusions, which we’ll go into more detail with, but recognising that many Australians (around the 25% mark) were born overseas, and many more have significant connections overseas, Vodafone’s new plans will include increased overseas minutes. Highlights include unlimited international calls to 10 destinations, including China, India, UK, NZ, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, HK and South Korea, and for other countries, plans will have minuted inclusions. For example, the $80 Red plan will include 120 minutes to other countries, and if those minutes are used, a flat-rate charge of $6 will add an extra 60 minutes of international calls.

We will have more information about the new plans coming shortly.

For more information on their $5 per day Global Roaming options, and for details on Vodafone’s new plans, head over to the Vodafone webpage, or head in-store.

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It’s annoying that this roaming service is only available on RED plans and not the BYO Postpaid options.

Tim Anderson

The BYO postpaid options are all red plans.