Google had announced an update to the Android version of Google Photos. Hot on the heels of this week’s update to the web version, v1.3 of the Android app brings a number of improvements:

  • Google Photos can recognize collages/animations that Google Camera creates
  • You are now able to login to Google Photos as a Plus Page
  • You can reorder content in albums
  • You can now trim videos to be included in movies
  • You can see a new timeline user interface for Movie editing

The inclusion of reordering images in an album follows the update that added this function to the web version. To reorder images, open the album and click on the edit icon – the pencil – and drag the images into your desired order.

For those who edit videos, the limited video trimming functionality in the creations feature may be of interest. The new features provide both the ability to trim videos added to a new movie creation as well as providing a timeline view at the bottom of the editing pane for quick navigation around your creation.

It’s great to see Google keeping step with their updates between the web and Android versions of their new Photos service. Hopefully, we will continue to see this kind of parallel development for Photos, if not the entire Google product catalog.

What features do you want to see added to Google Photos?

Source: Google.
Via: Android Police.