Pacman 256
Endless maze chase game Pac-Man 256, has launched on Google Play and though it’s being released under the traditional Pac-Man owners banner of Bandai Namco, the game is in fact developed by Australian developers Hipster Whale – creators of smash hit game Crossy Road.

The Pac-Man 256 game concept is based on a glitch in the original Pac-Man arcade game which saw the screen garble into letters and numbers when players cleared level 255 and the game logic couldn’t handle the feat. The trailer video shows a concept of the cascade and gameplay which has Pac-Man navigating the maze, avoiding ghosts and eating power pellets as he goes.

The game is free, but it’s a freemium based game with credits earned (or bought) if you want to use any of the power-ups (tornados, lasers etc.) but free if you just want to experience the traditional Pac-Man vs the Ghosts using just the power pellets. If you want some credits, you can purchase them through In-App Purchase for $1.18 – $9.58 per credit pack.

Pac-Man 256 is surprisingly fun to play and the rapidly degrading game map is a neat take on the traditional board. If you have some free time today then definitely check out Pac-Man 256.

Source: Google Play.