Google Translate
With the ability to translate your conversation into 90 languages Google Translate is arguably one of the best translation tools around, but after Microsoft released their Translate app for Android Wear, it’s been lacking in one major area – until today. With the launch of the latest update to Android Wear, Google Translate will now be a tap away on your wrist.

The update to Android Wear includes Google Translate, meaning you don’t even have to have the app installed on your phone, or if you’re away from your phone and the watch is on Wi-Fi. The Google Translate app for Android Wear currently supports translations to 44 languages of the 90 that text Translate does, but they’re trying to bring more in the future.

To use the Android Wear app appears to be quite easy:

And it’s easy to use – just speak into your watch to see your conversation translated into any of 44 languages. Flip your wrist to show the translation to a friend. When they respond in their own language, flip your wrist back, and you’ll see in your language what they’ve just said. Google Translate will automatically recognize which of the two languages is being spoken, so once you tap to start the conversation, all you and your buddy need to do is keep talking naturally.


The Google Translate app and more is included in the Android Wear update heading to your wrist now, ensure you keep an eye out for the update prompt.

Source: Google Translate.