Google Photos is getting a new feature, on top of the additions announced yesterday, which will serve up memories to you within the Assistant section.

The new update, which is an opt-in feature, is rolling out now adds another layer of whimsy to the service which already serves up delightful auto-awesome collages, animated GIFs and more. Once the photos app is updated users will begin seeing a photo served up from the past. The memories are private until you make them more public by sharing them:

By opting in, you’ll get cards in the Assistant view reminding you of photos from events in your past, including a collage featuring people and places from that day. Share with whoever you want, however you want, whether that’s via email, a social network, or by showing the person next to you. Or savor the moment for yourself; it’s completely private until you decide to share.

The update will be live with the new update to Google Photos, so ensure that you’re up to date and start that trip down memory lane.

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