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The position of the Google Apps folder on new phones is a controversial one, but if you want Google Apps and services on your new phones, you have to play by Google’s rules. Those rules are outlined in a document called the MOBA or Mobile Application Distribution Agreement, and according to Android Central, that agreement has seen the removal of some core apps from that pre-requisite.

Android Central’s Jerry Hildenbrand has written up changes which apparently see Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google+ and Google Newsstand join apps such as Google Keep and Google Earth as apps which are not mandatory for OEMs to include in a base Android install.

The apps are still available from the Play store, but are no longer required. This new development has also highlighted the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge+ which don’t have Google+ installed, sparking further rumours of the social networks demise.

If you use any of the apps that are no longer required to be installed, you can still grab them, it’s just one additional step you’ll have to take when setting up your phone.

Do you use Play Books, Play Games, Play Newsstand or Google+?

Source: Android Central.
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    zahra wright

    I dont like using these Goggle apps and find them a nuisance and data guzzlers. Can anyone tell me how to uninstall them from my Samsung S5 phone. Thanks Sara

    Daniel Tyson

    Hi Zahra, You can’t actually uninstall them though you should be able to suspend them so they don’t show up in your apps menu.


    I use Keep. I don’t use the other 5.


    So what’s the position of Google’s keep now? I think that’s the only Google app which doesn’t have ios version.

    Daniel Tyson

    Still not installed by default


    Great to see Google giving people choice on what’s installed on our phones, hopefully they will do this with more apps