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After months of being dormant the Project Ara – Google’s user configurable “modular ” phone project – twitter account has been pumping out the tweets in recent days. It seems they had a lot to say late last night with two spec teases and a clarification.

Self-explanatory, they are teasing better battery life, better than what is the question?

Again fairly self-explanatory.

This one is in response to a previous tweet where they intimated that had moved away from using the previously announced Electro-permanent magnets in favor of a new technology due to failing a drop test.

Their clarification is in response to a few Media outlets picking up the hashtag and running stories about there being problems with the device, with headline such as “Google’s Project Ara phone was delayed because it broke apart when dropped”. Obviously the team behind Ara were ok with the joke up to a point. Considering the team has confirmed that we will not be seeing Ara until 2016 it seems that this resurgence of twitter activity is to regain interest in the product leading up to a launch next year.

Are you interested in the concept of a user configurable Android device? Do you long for the day when you can build your phone just like you can with a PC? Let use know how you’ll configure your Ara device in the comments.

Source: Project Ara.

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