Huawei Nexus
The rumoured dual Nexus phone release is firming up nicely, first we had a live shot of what’s claimed to be the LG Nexus 5 2015, and now what appears to be a live picture of the Huawei Nexus showing up in the wild.

The photos appeared on Google+, showing the front and rear of the phone, with the rear, centre mounted fingerprint sensor sitting where it’s been rumoured to be and what seems to be an aluminium casing making up the body. The rear also seems consistent with current high-end Huawei design language with what appears to be a glass panel strip across the top containing the camera and flash sensor. While there’s no side shot there does appear to be a gentle slope up from the back to that panel, which would give it a slightly top heavy look.

There was a third shot shared of what seems to be a case for the phone, with a hole for the fingerprint sensor as well as the Camera module, Flash and a third sensor or beam (Laser Auto-focus?), though no sign can be seen in the rear photo even when playing with the brightness and contrast. The case more clearly outlines the slope up to the top of the phone, making it clear the phone will have a bit of heft in the top end.
Huawei Nexus 3

There’s a lot of rumours circulating around specs for the phone, but we shouldn’t have too much longer to wait, with most Nexus phone announcements coming in October, with availability generally coming to market in November.

As always, a grain of salt is best to keep on hand with any rumour, but this does look very good.

If this IS the Huawei Nexus, does it look good enough to capture your interest and hard earned dollars?

Source: +Tiesen Fu.
Via: Android Police.
Thanks: Matt.
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looks like they took a rolling pin to an HTC Re Camera…. but does remind me a bit of the nokia 808 pureview,
What sort of sensors does the Project Tango use?

atleast this phone shouldn’t have any rock when its placed on a table
At the moment, No, this doesn’t stir emotion to buy it as that design is not desirable… if there is something special due to the hump, then it might change it.


I wonder what that little microphone like hole under the camera module is for.


Noise cancellation? Video recording? Both?

Jamie S

It’s like a cross between an electric shaver and an air intake (letterbox) on an old Holden or Ford.


Funny … check the reflection on the front facing photo … taking the picture with an iPhone … no wonder its so blurry! 😉

Tony Soprano

iPhone’s have immaculate cameras. Rumoured photos of upcoming smartphones are generally always bad grainy shots.


Well, that’s spectacularly ugly.

You do have to wonder what it is they are smoking.

Jamie S

Lol, That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. Nice one Fred

Harrison Pace

So it seems Google is taking this approach with Nexus Products –

1. Nice Design with Terrible Camera
2. Terrible Design with Nice Camera

Seriously Ugly in my opinion (Black Bar) – rest is ok…


Kill it! KILL IT!


Not too keen on that weird glass bar across the top but the rest looks alright. I guess you can cover up most with a case… sigh, to choose between ugly metal in this or plastic with the N5.

Alan Kerlin

No way. That thing looks so long and skinny. Way beyond the reach of normal fingers. And that lump up the top end… That’ll sit nicely in the pocket. Not.


I assumed they’d do some bezel minimisation like Motorola or LG, but the top and bottom borders are quite wide, so the phone’s even taller than its already large screen size suggests.