As one of the newest phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a lot of attention at the moment, and unfortunately for Samsung not all of it is good, with a slight flaw with the vaunted S Pen showing up.

Before the phone is available to the general public, there is always going to be a people who get their hands on devices and do silly things – drop tests, tear downs and dare we mention #BendGate? The latest one that has been cited, tested and confirmed in a video by Android Police is that if you put your S Pen in backwards, the detection of the pen in or out of the phone is permanently broken.

While I agree that there are design steps that Samsung could have taken to prevent this from being possible, I wonder who would put the pen in completely upside down without noticing? Or who in their right mind would leave a child with their $1100+ phone unattended, or even let them touch it at all?

Out of the video the take home message would be if you purchase a Note 5, pay attention when you put the S Pen back in the device.

In your opinion is this a design flaw or an oversight that may affect some users?

Source: Android Police.
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This whole thing is silly. You can’t hold Samsung to the same design standards as Apple. Sure it’s a design flaw, but seriously people, people don’t expect Samsung to as high a standard.


It has never occurred to me to store the stylus tail first followed by the nib. How would you retrieve the stylus once that’s done, since there’s no “handle” to hold when pulling the stylus out. Even when I used the Palm and other PDAs from long ago, that’s the way the stylus is kept.

I think if people don’t know how to use (or store) a stylus, they should stick to normal phones.


Make sure when you set it down to charge it, that there are no kids around.

Paul Capocasa

It’s easy to see that the iPhone lovers (Samsung haters) are struggling to pick faults with this new note 5. If one has to point out something that an absolute dead brain would do, then the phone is pretty much flawless.Oh….I found another fault with the note 5, you can’t make phone calls if the SIM card has been removed!!….but if you put the SIM card back in, it suddenly makes calls again.
Stupid iPhone lovers are not worthy to even “LOOK” at a Samsung!


Not much of a struggle, though, is it? Quit being such a Fandroid, you’re making iFans look reasonable.

Stephen Crisafulli

Ha this is great. God I hope Samsung get some serious heat for this (just for the laughs, Ill never be buying this phone). Not hard to put a tinny little tab or size increase at one end of the pen to stop you from doing this

Paul Capocasa

If this is your justification as to why you will not get the phone, then you must be one of the “Type of people” that can’t tell head from butt….and you are not worthy of the phone…you deserve the lesser phone iPhone 6.

Daniel Narbett

If upside down = broke then it’s a flaw. Pen_end position is a binary solution set

Paul Capocasa

What are you saying? Just the same as the video?….he already said it breaks the phones “Pen sensor”…..which is a flaw.

vijay alapati

Stupid video…. Many people still confuse when plugging USB ports….it’s just stupid to post this

Paul Capocasa

It is a good video, now you know the sensor gets broken with the pen upside down.
You can’t physically fit the USB in the wrong way….so your comment is pointless. I don’t know “ANY” people stupid enough to confuse the USB port…they just look at which way it is, then fit it in. Do you confuse it?

Alex Gerontzos

Trust me, I have had alot of customers come in claiming that there phone does not charge anymore. I look at it the USB is still plugged into the phone and its jammed upside down! And trying to tell them they have incorrectly inserted the USB gets to a point where I need to show them the same device we have and insert another USB correctly to prove my point. By showing this video I could see one or two people in this situation, but overall from note 3 to date no one has come in with this problem.

vijay alapati


vijay alapati

Yes, i often get confused at nights when charging, u don’t need to stupid to do it, it’s stupid not to make mistake. Well your comment explains who really is….. Lol


It’s a LOT harder to jam a USB in the wrong way to the point of breaking it. On the other hand, this would be just like if putting toast into your toaster upside down broke the toaster. Poor design. Sure, users won’t do it, but parents with small children would be wise to avoid the Note 5. Even if you take steps to keep the phone away from them, there will be that one time you put the phone down…