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Well known developer Koush has released a new tool for Android users allowing them to control their phone or tablet from their computer. Called Vysor, the app runs in a Chrome window that shows all the action on your phone which you can also fully control from your computer.

Vysor is compatible with all the major platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS, all you need is Chrome installed. The app is aimed as a replacement for developers, but as simply an Android user it’s pretty great – it even has our resident Ingress addict frothing over this revolutionary new way to hack nearby portals from his desk. You can use the keyboard as well as the touchpad or mouse to control the screen as Koush demonstrates in the launch video:

The app is also a great tool for developers, allowing which Koush says gives them the ability to share their device to another computer anywhere in the world simply by sharing a link. This access allows full ADB access so a developer with access to this link can ADB push apps, pull logs, essentially anything you can do with ADB simply by sharing a link. Koush talks about the feature more in this second, slightly less highly produced video:

To use the app, you’ll need to install the Chrome App from the Chrome Web Store, then make sure you have USB-Debugging enabled on your phone and connect it to your PC. Once detected you’ll find a prompt on your phone to download an Android app to your phone and then you’re rocking.

According to Koush, he wasn’t ready to release it, but in our limited testing here around the Ausdroid office it’s working pretty well – a limited frame option for controlling the phone remotely would be good, but it’s pretty complete. Head over to the Chrome Web Store and install the app and see what you think.

Source: +Koush.
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    I’m guessing this isn’t meant for real-time use? I’ve got my HTC One M7 connected to it and Vysor lags by a fair bit. A few seconds, I’d say.