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Update:As Artem over at Android Police points out, the Ara social media team needs to check their other social media profiles before posting.
The Twitter account for Google’s modular phone prototype ‘Project Ara’ has been fairly active over the last couple of weeks, but it seems they have a last parting shot for the week before going quiet, with the team showing off their new logo.

The new logo (seen above) showed up on their feed, just after saying ‘That’s enough for this week’ before using the hashtag #GoToSleep poking fun at the dormant nature of their social media accounts over the preceding months. The new logo shows the letters in ARA flipped around possibly hinting at the ways that the Project Ara modules can connect to the Project Ara phone chasis.

Previous announcements made over the last two weeks since the Project Ara twitter account became active after a couple of months of inactivity include the announcement that the Project Ara launch has been held back till next year, with the team advising they had also decided to pull back to the US for the launch of the phone. They also announced a new way to attach their swappable modules and improvements to the battery and camera.

Further details on the launch will most likely come in the next few months, we just hope they continue to keep us up to date.

Source: @ProjectAra.
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    Timothy Anderson

    I hope that is not the logo they go with. That is dreadful.