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Amazon’s Free App of the Day promo has been great for consumers, offering access to a free app or game per day since they launched in 2011. The focus has now changed with the Free App of the Day no longer being offered, but Amazon has launched a new service along with a corresponding app, called Underground, which offers up to $10,000 worth of apps for free.

Underground focuses on games and apps with no ‘hidden costs’ such as in-app purchases, offering apps via their app that are truly ‘Free’. Amazon has also, according to a letter on their website, worked out a pre-minute deal with developers for premium apps like Goat Simulator and Photo Suite 4, as well as apps with in-app purchases such as Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions and Angry Birds Slingshot Stella to be offered to players as 100% free versions.

The app is available to download if you head to on your Android device and you’ll be prompted to download the Amazon app. The setup process is fairly simple if you allow installs from unknown sources in your security settings (Best to re-enable that after installing Amazon) and then select ‘US’ as your account as Australia doesn’t appear to be in the list.

Initial impressions on Underground are pretty good. It’s essentially the Amazon app from previous installs, but now has all the Free apps bundled together in one place. Interestingly, despite listing Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions as being a new version with no (or at least free) IAP, the version offered still listed IAP, though the Angry Birds Slingshot Stella listing says ‘Free’ for IAP.

If you’re interested in alternative app stores, head over to the website and side-load the app.

Source: Amazon.
Via: TheVerge.