Evernote, popular for its epnoymous note-taking come online-indexing service, announced on their blog today that they would be “ending support” for their dedicated ‘Food’ app across all platforms. The Food app was an extension of Evernote’s cross device service, specifically for food related matters, which allowed users to journal, record and save their meals, restaurants, personal cookbook and discover recipes.

Evernote has announced that as of 30 September, the app will:

  • no longer be available for download – it’s already gone from the Australian Play Store
  • no longer receive any updates, and
  • no longer be able to sync to Evernote’s service.

That last change will be important for users of the app who wish to keep their data and begin to manage it in Evernote’s primary products.

Evernote advisers android users:

From the Evernote Food home screen, tap the sync button located at the bottom of the screen
Once syncing has completed, log into Evernote to view Food notes in your account, then download Evernote to all your devices.

Evernote explains the decision saying that the the two most used features of Food were clipping recipes and snapping photos of meals. Both of these features can be replicated in Evernote’s primary product. If you are a die hard Food fan they do provide suggestions for alternatives that play nice with Evernote in their Food App Center, however for Android the pickings they offer are slim to none.

Can you recommend a good replacement service for Evernote’s Food? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Evernote.