Google’s Twitch competitor YouTube Gaming has gone live this morning for those in the US/UK. The service is available for viewing outside those countries on the web, though you may have to jump through a hoop to get the Android app.

The nitty gritty is that the service will focus on live streaming of gaming, but you’ll be able to see past streams on the site and essentially bring game streaming videos to the mainstream as YouTube did with video sharing. The service is available on the web to any country with access to YouTube at

YouTube has given you the run down on the new service:

  • YouTube Gaming is your go-to destination for anything and everything gaming because it automatically pulls in all gaming-related videos and live streams from YouTube.
  • Viewers get personalized gaming recommendations based on the games and channels they collect. With over 25,000 game pages and even more gaming channels, it’s never been easier to connect with your gaming community.
  • We’ve also made it easier to create a live stream — check out the beta version of our new way to go live at today.

The YouTube Gaming website is cool and all, but the sad fact is they’ve limited their Android app to the US/UK, although they’ve promised that more countries will be coming soon. But you can grab the Android app right now if you want:

We hope to see access expanding to Australia soon, but for now, enjoy the app by sideloading it and of course check it out on the web.

Source: YouTube.