Oppo - Selfie Catwalk
In case you missed it, Oppo Australia is attending Spring Fashion Week in Melbourne which runs until the 4th of September. The events at last night’s Emerging Designer Runway, showcasing collections from RMIT student designers was captured last night by Oppo using Twitter’s live streaming video tool Persicope.

The emergence of live video streaming tools will see them used in interesting and unique ways. While not all of us are into fashion, it’s certainly a unique way to use the new tool. Michael Tran, Marketing Director at OPPO Mobile Australia agrees saying

Conducting the live Periscope broadcast clearly shows where mobile technology and social media is going in the future. With no-WiFi and a packed-house of people using their mobile phones,we were presented with some technical challenges, but this didn’t detract from the overall experience which was pretty amazing to watch.

The streams aren’t the best quality thanks to a lack of Wi-Fi at the event and a fairly limited spectrum of 4G available, but capture the event from some unique positions they did. Here’s a sample:

If you missed them live, unlike other options, Twitter’s video streaming tool does allow you to re-watch the feeds again after the event. There were three streams captured last night from various angles which you can check out. The streams were captured from the photographers pit, the balcony and the runway itself.

As part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, you can also check out Oppo for your chance to win an Oppo R7. You can also grab a voucher for $50 off an R7 Plus which will go on-sale at Dick Smith in early September. For information on how to enter the competition to win an Oppo R7, check out the Terms and Conditions on the Oppo Facebook page.

If you’re a fashion tragic or just love anything to do with the catwalk, there’s more streams coming up during the week, all you have to do is keep an eye on the @OppoMobileAU twitter feed for times.

Source: @OppoMobileAU.