Motorola is launching an updated version of their Moto 360 Android Wear watch soon, the watch has been making appearances at various certification bodies and on the wrists of people around Chicago of late, and it’s expected to launch soon – though no press announcement has been made. Now, everyone’s favourite leaker Evan Blass has shown off renders of the watch on Twitter.

Sending as a response to David Ruddock from Android Police, there’s renders of the watch in stainless steel with what appears to be a brown leather band and black with a black metal band.

The watch looks excellent, with the crown moved to the 2 o’clock position making it harder to accidentally hit when cycling or other activities. The new Moto 360 2015 also shows lugs for attaching what appears to be standard sized watch bands, a change that may lessen the ‘cracked back’ issue that a number of Moto 360 gen 1 owners encountered – as well as making it easier to swap bands.

Though not completely evident with the Black background on the watch face, the ‘flat tyre’ which has traditionally held the electronics for the display and ambient light sensor, is still present. It’s debatable as to whether the flat tyre matters with many current gen Moto 360 users forgiving the manufacturer based on a lovely looking watch with thin bezels, but with the Huawei Watch showing up with thin bezels and a full 360° display and reports the ambient display uses more battery than not, you have to start questioning the utility of the setup in a modern smart watch.

Rumours are still circulating of a launch of the Moto 360 at IFA this week, and we’ll be there to report on it as it happens.

What do you think of the Moto 360 2015 renders? Could this be your next?

Source: @evleaks.