Huawei Nexus
The Nexus phones from both LG and Huawei are quite well and truly out in the open, with live pictures and specs of both phones showing up over the last months. The latest leak, again from Steve Hemmerstoffer ‏@stagueve who normally leaks through the @onleaks account, shows a case purportedly for the Huawei Nexus.

The case is shown off in 4 pictures from various angles of a clear case and you can see the pronounced camera bump on the rear. The case also has holes for the fingerprint sensor, camera, flash and what’s believed to be the Laser auto-focus.

While comparisons have been made to a Nexus branded barcode scanner, the device still looks fairly premium. Spec wise the device is looking to be fairly high-end as well, with a 5.7″ QHD 2560×1440 resolution display, metal body octa-core processor, fingerprint sensor and of course a USB-C.

As we saw with the Nexus 5 2015 cases, the case for the Nexus 6 2015 is actually already for-sale on AliExpress website, though you will have to buy 100 pieces.

If there’s 99 other people out there willing to go in with me for a group buy, hit me up.

Source: @stagueve.
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Jack Jones

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David Jacka

I’m keen to replace my iPhone 6 Plus with one of these. I’m thinking we’re going to see Android Pay before Apple Pay anyway


I highly highly doubt it. Google Wallet has been around for years and Google never advanced it outside of their home country

Daniel Tyson

Google Wallet wasn’t advanced outside the US due to the proprietary nature of the token system. Android Pay on the other hand is based on the same standard system from Mastercard/Visa that all the NFC Tap & Pay providers are using. When I spoke to Android Pay devs at Google I/O there was definite intent to roll Android Pay out further, whereas talks with Google on Wallet there never seemed to be that intent.


I’ll guess we’ll find out which company brings it first to Australia sooner or later 🙂

Will Dutton

Unless they pull a nexus 6 on us this is hopefully going to be my next phone