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If you’re ever wanting to burn some time you can now enter a simple search query: ‘Fun Facts’ into Google and you’ll be taken down a warren of fun factoids.

The fun starts with the first query, but continues on if you push the ‘Ask another question’ button, with another fun fact being pushed to your screen – though this time around the search query changes from ‘Fun Facts’ to ‘i’m feeling curious’, but delivers a new factoid. You can also start the feature off with the ‘i’m feeling curious’ search query as well.
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If you want to know the answer to such fun facts as ‘Are all species related?’ ‘What does it mean to have diplomatic immunity?’ or ‘When did braces come out?’ enter the search queries Fun Facts or I`m feeling curious’ into Google and see what you get.

Via: SearchEngineLand.
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    Tony Soprano

    Just tested this out. And I thought Google couldn’t get any better. This is great. Thanks guys.


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