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The new Motorola Moto 360 2015 has created a lot of interest in the last couple of days. The watches come in a range of sized bodies, as well as offering a range of different size bands to suit a wider audience. We went hands-on with the watches yesterday and while that is a good way to get a look at the range, the all important question is how will it look on your wrist? Well, you can now get close to finding out by printing out a guide.

Motorola is offering a template for you to cut out and strap to your wrist to show you the scale of the new watches and bands on your wrist. The addition is more likely aimed at the markets in which Motorola offers Moto Maker so customers can ensure they have their preferred size before customising. The other use more closer to home, with no release date or pricing yet announced is so that customers can check sizing before ordering from overseas – because we know you will ;).

The template is available from the Motorola website and should be printed without scaling on 8.5” x 11” or A4 paper at 100% size. Once printed you can cut the shapes out and place them on your wrist.

The obvious downfall here is that they are still flat 2-dimensional models, but from our hands-on, we can tell you that the body is essentially the same thickness as the LG G Watch R – so its still fairly chunky.

The template is available to download and print now, so click the link and then print – let us know what size Moto 360 2015 you’re going to purchase.

Source: Motorola.
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think they’ve screwed it up, the 42mm mens variant is exactly the same as the 46mm variant


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Darren Ferguson

Huh. That’s a really good idea!