Fonesalesman FurniQi Side Table 2

With flagship phones finally starting to embrace wireless charging in 2015, we’re seeing the emergence of a market hungry for wireless charging solutions, and there’s a sub-group that would prefer to see a minimal, no-nonsense stylish approach to locating wireless charging capabilities in the house. It’s into this space that Fonesalesman steps, with uniquely designed products using bamboo and stone-like finishes instead of the gaudy hard plastic and LED lights we’re used to in this space.

Fonesalesman had a stand at tonight’s Pepcom event in Berlin, and we caught a number of their products there.


The big product (literally) right now is the FurniQi (“Fur-ni-chee”) – it’s a stylish, minimal side table with a bamboo finish (hand harvested, they say) that should fit in anywhere in a home or workplace with natural textures. The great thing about the table, besides its style, is that it contains two wireless charging pads, connected via Micro USB so they can plug into pretty much any charger.

The underside of the table reveals the placement of the pads. The USB cables aren’t the most subtle addition to any side table, but the reality is that a Qi charging table needs to be plugged into a power source, and at least the cables are coloured brown so they’re less obtrusive.


FurniQi is launching a campaign on Indiegogo to crowdfund production of the side table. Personally, I hope it’ll go gangbusters and land in my living room in the near future. You can find out (a little) more about it at


Along a similar line as the FurniQi side table, designwise at least, is Fonesalesman’s WoodPuck Qi charger. A circular puck with a Qi charger inside, it’s similar to many other wireless chargers on the market, but again it’s the simple design that you notice in use.

There’s no blinding bright LED lights, just a beep that confirms your device has been placed properly on the puck – and even that can be muted, so it doesn’t sound if – for example – you check your notifications at 3am and don’t want to disturb your significant other.

There’s the original WoodPuck, and four recently released variants that are also pretty easy on the eye. Find out more at



Finally, Fonesalesman’s other product is the QiStone+, which they’re calling the first completely wireless charger. Interestingly, it can charge itself and charge another device (even at the same time), and carries a 4,000 mAh charge. It can also function as a portable USB battery bank. Find out more at

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5 years ago

I really like that side table. I wonder if the wife would notice if I swapped out one of our existing tables that looks very similar for one of these?

5 years ago

Ikea has the same type of self install things, just not sold in OZ yet 🙁

Reply to  Level380
5 years ago

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