While some are reporting on the apparent immanent death of Google’s social network – Google Plus – Google seems content to keep quietly working on the product, all be it slowly.

The most recent change to the service seems to have been enabled quietly on Google’s servers. For those of you who, like me, are frequent users of the Google+ app you most likely have experienced the frustration of not being able to share something outside of the app. Well be frustrated no more.

Today we noticed that the a new share option, above, was available within the Google+ app. We were more than happy when the standard sharing menu opened and we were finally able to share great Google+ content with the small proportion of the internet who don’t use Google+ as their daily social network of choice (we know there are not many of them).

This seems to be consistent with Google’s recent approach of relaxing on locking people, and functions, into the Google+ ecosystem – decoupling Photos, YouTube and Reviews over the past year. Time will tell if Google’s ‘Stream’ product continues in its current form, however in the mean time, as a daily Google+ user I for one am glad of the change and will be cross sharing much more now that it is easier.

Are you a Google+ user? How will this change impact your usage of the platform? Let us know in the comments.

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Hi, when you go back you lose the original home ausdroid web page and go back to the previous web page(different) i visited. this is not normal and has happened for the past week or so. I dont know how you can fix this so good luck with an answer. cheers.

Jamie S



double yippee!!