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Telstra have announced a new app today for Android phones and tablets that allow users to use their Android – and iOS – devices as home phone handsets. The T-Voice app, now available on Google Play, allows Telstra customers who subscribe to both a home line service and either a ADSL or NBN broadband service – with compatible Telstra routers (Telstra Gateway Max or T-Gateway) – to use up to 7 connected devices as additional handsets.

Through the app customers can:

  • Answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls from compatible tablets and mobile devices
  • You can choose to share contacts from your smart devices with the Telstra T-Voice app and with all other T-Voice app enabled devices
  • Manage home phone features including MessageBank, Call Forward and Call Waiting
  • Customers on the NBN™ will have the added experience of high definition voice calls when using compatible T-Voice 502 handset on the NBN network
  • T-Voice app also enables app to app calling in the home, when connected to the gateway

Whilst the requirement to be both a Telstra Home line and Broadband customer, as well as the need to use their dedicated hardware is limiting, this is an interesting first step by Telstra into this space. With manufacturers such as Panasonic using Bluetooth to enable mobile devices to work with compatible base stations this could be an area we continue to see growth and development in.

Follow the link below to the Playstore if your a Telstra home line and broadband customer with a compatible router.

Telstra T-Voice
Telstra T-Voice
Price: Free

Are you a Telstra customer who meets all of the requirements? Let us know how the new app works in the comments below.

Source: Telstra.
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Ben Freke

So, just like Orange did 10 years ago 🙂 Surprised it’s taken this long for someone to offer this type of thing again.


To be fair…. Does anyone actually use home phone lines anymore?? Most everyone I know does not come near their call cap on mobiles….so provides little benefit…


Don’t even have a home phone or active telephone line for that matter – just a line for Naked ADSL.

Pretty pointless but points for trying. Too bad the money couldn’t have been better spent improving products and services that a much larger user base can actually use – or do use.


It’s about time Telstra realised that nobody wants or needs a home phone anymore. Then they could concentrate on delivering decent naked DSL at a reasonable price, instead of useless gimmicks like this.


sniff…. needs a new router! Darn it….


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Don’t think I’ve got the right router for this. Bit sad.

vijay alapati

nice add on for telstra customers.