Android 5.1 (Lollipop) beginning to roll out to the original Xperia Z Series & T2 Ultra handsets

The rollout of Android Lollipop continues unabated for Sony, at least as far as their Z-series line goes, with Sony sharing an update via their Xperia News account that Android 5.1 (Lollipop) will and has begun rolling out to the original Xperia Z Series as well as to T2 Ultra handsets.

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The tweet, which was sent out overnight states that original Xperia Z Series users, along with T2 Ultra users should soon begin to see a major software update for their handsets which upgrade them Android 5.1 (Lollipop). The tweet states as follows:

As the tweet said, the rollout is dependent on local variations and telcos. Looking over at the three big telco’s here, the following is the current software update news is:

Vodafone – The following is from the software updates from 4 September 2015:

Optus – the following is from the software update page effective 7 September 2015:

Telstra – the following is from the software update page effective 3 September 2015:

Basically at the moment, the three major telco’s are either testing or waiting submission for the update, however, given the critical update to fix Android’s known Stagefright issues, it maybe a little more time for OS upgrade to be approved and rolled out here.

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  • You have to give it to Sony for looking after its older devices. LG and HTC haven't provided the 5.1 update to last year's flagships, let alone older devices.

  • Going to assume 5.1 is coming to my Z2 (Optus) early October then (I know they have aimed for mid-September, but here we are)

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