Google’s App and Game Deal of the Week have been updated again, with new deals now available on the Play Store dropped to just $0.20 each.

The app this week is My Diet Coach – Pro which normally sells for US$4.02 and the game is QuizClash PREMIUM which normally sells for US$2.71, but both have been dropped down to the Deal of the Week price of just $0.20 each.

My Diet Coach – Pro
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My Diet Coach Pro combines a diet calendar with meal planner, calorie counter and diet journal. If you’re looking to lose some weight, maintain your weight or just keep an eye on your macros like fats, carbs and more then My Diet Coach Pro is definitely worth a look.

The app contains a heap of features including a ‘Cravings’ button to help you get around those cravings that hit when you’re trying to hit a goal. There’s even a water intake tracker to encourage you to take on more water instead of any other drinks.

The best part of this is that the $0.20 is all you’ll pay, there’s no In-App Purchases listed so it’s all self contained feature wise. Head over to the Google Play App Deal of the Week to pick up My Diet Coach Pro this week.

My Diet Coach - Pro
My Diet Coach - Pro
Developer: Mobile Heroes
Price: $11.99

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Now dieting is fun and all but if you want something to perhaps take your mind off those hunger pangs or that craving that just won’t quit, a quick game will often distract you and what better way to do it than with a quiz game. QuizClash Premium offers all the goodness of the free version but lets you create your own avatar and change the colour scheme for the game.

QuizClash Premium offers more than 25,000 questions across twenty categories such as TV Shows, Computer Games, Music and Food & Drinks, with hundreds more added every day, you can even contribute your own questions.

The mechanics of the game are simple :

In QuizClash you can challenge your friends or random opponents to quiz games.
You and your opponent answers quiz questions for 6 rounds – three questions in each round. You each answer the same questions.
Every second round you get to choose from three random categories – make sure you choose categories that your opponent will struggle with!

If you like the concept of quiz games, head over to Google Play Game Deal of the Week and grab QuizClash Premium today.

QuizClash™ PREMIUM
QuizClash™ PREMIUM
Developer: FEO
Price: $1.99+
Source: Google Play App Deal of the Week.