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September 29th (well, 30th here in Australia) can’t come fast enough for Nexus fans, who are for the first time expecting to see a choice of phones for the first time. The larger Huawei built Nexus 6 is expected to be the more premium device with higher end specs, design and price tag to match, but it’s the LG built so-called Nexus 5 2015 (or Nexus 5x) which has been getting the lions share of attention of late and the phone has turned up again.

The leek comes from Italian site who have been sent a slide of what appears to be the LG built Nexus 5 2015 in black with a ‘Project N3 The next Nexus’ label – though whether this is a Google slide or a carrier/retailer slide would tell us more about how important that ‘Project N3’ label is.
GLIStockisti has listed the specs provided which for the most part marry up with previous leaks. The spec list according to the site includes the 64-bit 1.8GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, as well as 32/64GB storage options – a plus for anyone sick of the 16GB size. The phone will support Cat 6 LTE apparently, a step down from the Cat 9 currently being introduced here in Australia by Optus and Telstra for the new range of flagships arriving on our shores.

Of course the rear camera is pretty distinctive, as is that fingerprint sensor on the rear. We’ve mainly seen the Nexus 5 leaks in white, so it’s good to see the black – or at least what’s claiming to be the black.

There are some clashes though, the site lists a 5.2” FullHD display where as we’ve seen QHD bandied about previously, and they are also listing 2GB of RAM as opposed to 3GB though they have added ‘TBC’ to that claim.

With just under 3 weeks to go till the rumoured launch, the rumours are starting to get hotter, faster and more focused, but we still don’t know for sure. We’ll see more as soon as Google is ready, but until then it is quite fun to speculate.

Source: GLIStockisti.
Via: PocketDroid.
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My previous experience of Nexus 5 and 6 launches in Australia are such a pain. It goes up on sale in the US and then it’s a month or more until you can get it on the PlayStore here. I ended up getting the Nexus 6 in 32gb and not 64gb like I wanted because I got so frustrated waiting that I snatched it from JB HIFI as soon as it appeared. Sketchy releases with the Nexus. Nexus 6 is on sale now because it’s about to be superseded. I think if you stick a generation behind, you get the… Read more »

Dan Rayner

I remember buying the last Nexus5 on launch day and got it less than 2 weeks later. I can’t remember the Nexus6 but the Nexus5 was launched in all markets straight up., let’s hope that happens again.


Looks like a weird mix of a motorola phone on the front and an original nexus 5 on the back, not sure how I feel at the moment about the looks….

Glad there is a black version though, I love my nexus 6 but not a fan of the blue fingerprint magnet back


The back to me looks like a Galaxy S3!

Shay Neary

My Nexus 5 died yesterday 🙁 Was Hoping to make it last until this launch, it can’t come soon enough!


Thought the white leaks were pretty ugly, but this looks pretty good. If it launches in a darker colour, I’ll definitely be picking that one up.


cat 6 LTE would be disappointing… many of the recent leaks have suggested cat 9.


N3 must point to the 3rd Nexus by LG – so N3 might be the internal code name in LG

Daniel Tyson

Yeah, except they usually refer to them as the codename – Nakasi, Mantaray, Razor etc.

Joshua Hill

I’ve seen plenty of rumours stating 1080p too. Screen res is one of the things that doesn’t seem confirmed yet. I’m certainly not counting on a QHD screen just yet.

Peter Massey

I’m hoping it isn’t QHD! With a 2700mAh battery I’d rather is last long than have it look ‘better’ if I squint.

Phill Edwards

Agree. 1080 is fine. Liking the sound of 64gb storage.


Agreed, anything over 1080p on a screen that size is overkill and would only serve to drain battery faster