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If you’re on a desktop browser you’re probably using one of the many options that are available as plugins or stand alone applications to block them from downloading and appearing on your screen, preserving precious bandwidth and also screen real estate. But there aren’t too many viable mobile OS options to achieve the same goal when you’re just surfing the web, but thanks to Adblock Plus moving their browser out of Beta there’s a new one.

Back in May we reported about their Beta version being available to users, the take up wasn’t huge but clearly there is enough in the Firefox based browser for them to continue with the project with all users now able to download and try the 1.0 version.

Some of the listed features on the Play Store focus on speed of page loading and protection of your privacy

Fast, efficient browsing
Ads can cause pages to load slower, eat up to half of your data plan and consume over 20% of your battery. Because it has an ad blocker built in, Adblock Browser can…
• Load pages faster
• Save your battery and data

Safe and private
Lots of nasty stuff like malware and tracking can hide behind ads.
• Reduce risk of malware infection
• Enhance your privacy

The main differences I have seen so far is the browser is much more stable than the Beta version and the load times are a touch quicker. That being said, Adblock browser seems to chew a fair amount of RAM and is pretty sluggish to respond unless you have a really top end devices.

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Adblock Browser: Fast & Secure
Adblock Browser: Fast & Secure
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free
Source: Adblock Browswer.
Via: Play Store.