OnePlus 2 styleswap covers

What does a blurry image and the teasing tagling “A welcome bit of luxury” tell us? Well, nothing and that is exactly how Oneplus want it with their first tease of something new they’re working on.

While I will say it is only a guess, when you take into account the style swap covers were displayed in their product launch it would not be an outrageous guess to say there’s a leather back cover for the phone on its way.

There is no timeline or further detail on the G+ post which suggests that there is probably at least one more tease before they let us know what is in store for those wanting to stay onboard the Oneplus train.

What do you think this image is showing us our first glimpse of?

Source: Oneplus G+.
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Forget the luxury. I’d welcome an invite right now.


We’ve had a few go begging in the ausdroid google+ community. If you want one, and have no idea why anyone would buy such a gimped, supportless phone in Australia, go and ask there. Someone will have one or will soon. Personally I’d be going for a moto x variety. Similar price (the play is actually cheaper) but more functionality, plus decent support plus all Australian lte bands (something the op2 doesn’t have)


Honestly? What’s missing from it doesn’t bother me, and I have a Nexus 5 (which has most of the things the OP2 is missing). I have preferred network type set to 3G (in a probably futile attempt to save battery, 3G data speeds have never bothered me too much anyway), and I don’t think I’ve ever used the NFC or wireless charging (though if Android Pay launches here one of those may change). I would prefer the Moto X Style (even though the Play is probably more than enough phone for me, I’m enough of a specs nut that while… Read more »

Daniel Tyson

It’s actually cheaper to just buy one from Kogan than import one with an invite…just saying.


And the Kogan OnePlus 2 has an Australian one year warranty – probably easier to claim warranty from Kogan than the virtually non-existent support that OnePlus offers.


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